Our Company

Alpha Guardian was established in July 2017 and is a market leader in the safe and secure storage industry. Since 1965, Alpha Guardian’s brands have led the way in providing consumers with secure storage solutions. Its products are sold to major retailers across the United States under the Cannon Safe, Stack-On and GunVault brands, all of which are designed to fill unique consumer needs. The company operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in the U.S. and Mexico and has employees in multiple countries.

A heavyweight in the secure storage industry with the desire to put “A Safe in Every Home,” Alpha Guardian takes immense pride in their products and the people who back them. With a focus on people, consumers, and continual improvement, Alpha Guardian champions an evolving, robust, and innovative portfolio of products that will provide consumers secure storage solutions for what matters most in their lives.

Our People

Alpha Guardian takes immense pride in our people who design and manufacture the products under our world-renowned brands: GunVault, Cannon Safe, and Stack-On. From start to finish, Alpha Guardian products are built by a dedicated team who focus on continuous improvement and creating the best possible products for the customer. Employees are empowered to learn, grow, and help their teams succeed. Alpha Guardian is a company made stronger by its people who are passionate about innovation and delivering the best protection for all of life’s moments and memories. Driven by passion, its people, and changing consumer needs, Alpha Guardian strives to improve the lives of its employees and consumers.